Inspiring Cyclists


JD, Bra, Bro, Jonny. Jon is my big brother. He is 18 months older than me and rocks my world. He is a pretty amazing dude. And a cyclist. He is a cyclist dude. Initially, he bought a mountain bike to ride to work, soon his rides turned into mountain biking, long distance riding and the purchase of more bikes, including a road bike! He loves to ride socially, having an endless list of riders interested in both mountain and road riding. Jon has CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease) so riding his bike is easier than walking for him. His mates call him “Chook Legs”. Harsh, but true. He literally has hardly any muscle in his left calf. But this doesn’t stop him. He is super fit and simply outstanding on his bike…well…actually, he can’t do a ‘standing climb’ on his bike due to balance, ankle angle and other issues. So any climbing required he does in the saddle. My brother bought me my first bike 4 years ago. A mountain bike. He encouraged me to ride, ride, ride. He passed on one of his bikes to dad.


Keithie, Old Fella, Papa, Dad. This 71 year old man also has CMT. If he didn’t have a bike he would be using walking sticks or in a wheel chair. He gets on his MTB (mountain bike) and rides, rides, rides. He rides up the mountain (South Boundary Road) at least 2 times a week. Sits on a log and eats his breakfast which he has carted in his back pack. Watches the world go by and listens to the sound of the bush. He rides to his Doctor, his podiatrist, the shops, everywhere. Dad has taken me on 3 x 570km CQ bike rides. Does he ride into camp first? YES. Does he pull me along for the last 30ks? YES. Does this same man rock my world also? YES. Do I pfaff? YES.


Coach, Stephen, Smurf. This man is remarkable. Jon introduced him to me. He is a rather fascinating man! He stirred me about my pfaffing at the gym. He told me that if I drove to the gym then it was like killing a kitten. I stopped driving. I started riding to the gym. He told me that bike riding was better than the gym. I started riding my bike more. I wanted to get up Mt Coot-tha. He showed me how. He showed me how to ride my bike ‘technically’. He grouped me with other riders, encouraging me and supporting me. He took me on rides and showed me ‘stuff’. He is my inspiration. He has showed me how much fun it is to ride a bike. I’m privileged to have him as my friend. My coach.

There are many many more inspiring bike riders that I will share with you later. I’ll throw some names out: (gals I cycle with first) Max, Jen, Julie and Ann.

I have ridden 1,214.6km year-to-date both solo and with friends because of these people.


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