Manscaping – should I shave if I’m a cycling dude?

My all time favourite subject!!

If I’m riding behind a dude, the first thing I notice is his butt. 8 out of 10 he needs a new pair of knicks, EW! Which means my line of vision drops to his calves. Lets call it ‘recovery’ for argument sakes. There is nothing more wonderful than a clean shaven set of sculpted calves to de-bleach that previous nasty vision. Agreed gals? So guys, make it pleasant for us okay? Shave those guns and keep them nice! Having searched the webz I have found some popular theories…

Theories on hair free guns

1. For more aerodynamics

2. Easing healing of road rash

3. Makes massage more pleasant

4. More attractive appearance

5. Tradition

6. Ticks are easy to spot

7. Easy sunscreen application

8. Less road grime


Wax or shave?

Don’t wax!!! It’s more painful than childbirth!!! Shaving is the go. Once a week. Sit on the side of your bathtub, use a good shave foam (not that gel). BOOM! Done. Pain free!!


Exfoliating is a very important part of life! I feel a bit amiss if you have overlooked this part of your grooming process!! It doesn’t matter how young or old you are as it benefits all ages, both sexes.

You know how you look at your car and think “Boy, my car looks really dull and dusty, even though I just  washed it!” (using several buckets of tank water and non-biodegrabable detergent of course! And on your front lawn!) But this point is not important, only to Coach Steve, hence my bringing it up. Anyway, getting back on track, what do you do when you think this? You pull out your  ‘cut’n’polish’ kit and give the duco a really good going over, right? A good buff and polish? When completed, you stand back and stare at it in amazement! It’s like brand new again isn’t it?! Mirror finish!!!

Here is where the power of exfoliation enters. By exfoliating your skin, it removes all the nasty dead skin and strips away the dull and dusty! After a good moisturising, you stand back and look at yourself and think “Mmmm! I have baby skin again! So soft and subtle!”  Exfoliate is the king. Do this every 3rd day. Stops ingrown hairs and keeps your legs as smooth as.*


Please remember to moisturise upon completion. Moisturise DAILY.

*NOTE: There are different TYPES of exfoliating creams. Some are for body. Some for face. Choose wisely! You wouldn’t take to your car with an orbital sander now would you?  🙂

Play safe, ride hard and keep yourself noice, and go out and show them who’s boss!

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