Kitten Killers – “The Rules”

Little baby kittens!

Little baby kittens!

Most cyclists would be familiar with Velominati’s – Keeper of the Cog: “The Rules”.

No where does it include a rule about the lead up to your ride. Coach Steve taught me a while back, that if you put your bike on the back of your car to go on a bike ride then you are kitten killer. I feel the need to include this as part of “The Rules” and would appreciate comments/additions with regards to this rule.

If you have to drive your bike in order to go on a bike ride then you are douche. In addition, if you drive your car to the gym you are a douche.

Exceptions to the rule are:

• Your bike ride must be a minimum start distance of 50kms.

• You are taking your bike to be serviced as it is completely broken beyond home repair.

• Your bike is broken, or you are broken (due to a fall) and you have had to call in your Vehicle Response Unit.

• You are travelling interstate.

Think of the kittens!

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