Becoming a ‘Cyclist’

Mt Coot-tha MTB Post 2012 Flood

Mt Coot-tha mountain bike ride post 2012 Brisbane floods

Mt Coot-tha repeats

Mt Coot-tha repeats

Mt Coot-tha MTB in the Rain

Mt Coot-tha and River Loop mountain bike ride in the Rain

Mt Nebo mountain bike ride

Mt Nebo mountain bike ride

Mt Nebo Roadie ride

Mt Nebo Roadie ride (first time)

Lifecycle Wombles River Loop

Lifecycle Wombles River Loop (first time)

December and January were two awesome months for me…in my quest to become a ‘cyclist’. I rode 981 kilometres. Up until now I was a ‘bike rider’. Apparently. It was quite unclear as to what was required to achieve the status of ‘cyclist’. Every time I climbed a mountain, or rode long distances, or generally took myself out of my comfort zone, I was told “not quite a cyclist yet!”

During December and January I did quite a bit of ‘bike riding’. River Loop, Mt Coot-tha, Gap Creek mountain bike trails, Mt Nebo (road and mountain), Nudgee Beach, pfaffing @ the gym are some of my rides. What I enjoyed the most were the people I met and rode with on these adventures. They would have to be, without a doubt, some of the most amazing people I have ever met. This is one thing that I cannot be more clear about. These people have shown me the joy of bike riding. Anyhow, let’s get back on track with how I became a ‘cyclist’…

Finally, on Monday 28 (Australia Day public holiday) I won the title. How may you ask? BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS. Actually, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I like to think it was. On the morning of Australia Day my brother phoned me asking “Would you like to go on a creek reccie to see what the storm damage is like sis?”. Sure, I replied. We took off and weaved our way through the back blocks and bike paths of Newmarket, Ashgrove, St John’s Wood, ending up at The Gap, where I was assured that the easiest way home would be up via South Boundary Road to Mt Coot-tha. Sure, I replied. Off we set. Everything was going well until we hit the ‘Three Sisters’ which is a series of 3 bumps at approximately 85%. Well, that also might be a gross exaggeration, but again, I like to think it was. I really didn’t have the legs to climb it. It was hot, it was humid. The only way I was going up was for money. $75 to get to the top without stopping? SURE! Off I took. Got to the top of the first bump and stopped. Sobbing. Swearing. “You get to be a cyclist if you get to the second bump!” Ahahahaha! And she did! So I scored $25 and the title… ‘cyclist’!

Hey! Don’t judge me! It’s what champions do. Right?

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