$40 buys you a Pub Bike and a great deal of fun!

Caro's $40 Pub Bike

My $40 Pub Bike

The Benefits of Cycling

It’s fun! It’s cheap! You make friends! You can ride to work! You can ride to the gym! You can ride anywhere! You loose weight while you are riding! Your legs will love you!

Cycling Creates Challenges…

A few weekends ago I decided to ride 160kms with some friends. It was also Black Beauty’s first long ride. It was a virtual challenge set by STRAVA (a ride tracker and person record Ap). The most I had ridden in one day was approx. 110kms on my mountain bike. I thought to myself: well, it really isn’t that much further is it? The route was set by a friend and my brother, starting from the famous Brisbane Breakfast Creek Pub. First port of call was Nudgee Beach. Next was back into the City and then an extended River Loop. Breakfast stop at West End. Then the third port of call was down to Cleveland, then Wynnum then back home via the Gateway Bridge.

Well…what can I say? It certainly was challenging! Some friends did parts of the rides, whilst some stuck it out to the bitter end. We all made it home without any injuries…which is a good thing. However, for some of us, there was some cramping, over-heating, grumbling tummies and a little bit of sun burn.

The scenery was wonderful! Brisbane has a beautiful river and glistening bays. Nothing is more enjoyable than to ride your bike near water.

We experienced a few hairy bits of road where buses came in a little to close for my liking. I don’t think I will ride this particular segment again! We copped a little abuse from some motorists as well. It saddens me to think there is such segregation. I hope that one day this changes.

I spent 7 hours in the saddle and I burnt 3,190 calories. To check out the route go here:


If you are a cyclist and are looking for something fun and refreshing, why not get a group of friends together, set a new route and go out on an adventure? There are so many places you can ride to. If you are nervous about road riding don’t stress. There are plenty of bikeways and back streets to get to your destination. All that it will cost you is a little bit of planning time.

Things to consider: Water, hydrolytes, food, rest, sun screen, safety.

It was so amazing to ride with other like minded cyclists who bursted with enthusiasm and positivity. I will always remember this day on my bike with my friends.


8,965 Participants
512,898 Total Miles Ridden

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