Being Steve ~ “Coach”

Steve Amos Before

Steve ~ Before

Steve Amos After

Steve ~ After

This is a story about a remarkable friend of mine. I met him less than a year ago through my brother. My brother met him whilst riding his bike. This man is super amazing. He is a dad of 2 children with a wife which fully supports his cause and is also a bike commuter. She is a remarkable woman! I mean…what wife allows her husband to take women out bike riding? I use to ride my mountain bike about every second week. Maybe only every third week! I was a stationary bike addict. A gym junkie. A pfaffer. Steve use to call me ‘Carolyn’…one day I told him that my name was ‘Caroline’. He told me that he gets confused as he has many many ‘Carolyns’. 😛  We agreed on ‘Caro’. It stuck. I asked him “What shall I call you then? Stephen or Steve”. He replied “Coach”. It stuck. Coach convinced me that pfaffing in the gym was a waste of time. The only way to loose weight and get better at bike riding was to do it more regularly. He got me out on my bike twice a week. He took me up Mt Coot-tha on my 14kg mountain bike and showed me how to get up the top without needing a defib. He convinced me that I needed a road bike. That would make it easier for me. I liked that idea. I got one. He showed me how to ride it. He introduced me to Lifecycle’s ‘Wombles’…a group ride organised through the bike shop that Black Beauty was purchased from. I thank Coach from the bottom of my heart for showing me the joy of riding my bike. If you like the idea of commuting to work Coach is your man. Jump on it! You won’t regret it.

Here is his story.

I was a stereo typical guy in his late 30’s. I’d always been a big boned type of boy – but I was just packing on the weight a couple of kilos each year – alarmingly, despite eating reasonably well as I always had. It dawned on me that something had to be done soon as the scales started flashing big numbers at me. Yes – I’d become a stereo typical obese guy. At the same time I’d become increasingly frustrated at the slow, unreliable and increasingly expensive BCC busses I used for my daily commute. Around then I saw another Dad at the school who rode to town and back each day. Despite riding extensively as a child I hadn’t considered this due to concerns over car related danger. I asked him whether it was safe – and he explained the myriad of hidden bikepaths and quiet back streets that made up his mostly safe commute.

Before I knew it I was at the bike shop and the rest is history! That was some three years ago. Since then I’ve traded over 30kg of body fat for some 30 thousand kilometres pedalled under my own power. I now commute the 12.5 k to work by bike every day of the year – rain hail or shine. Plus, when the weather is good I ride here there and everywhere with my new network of friends.

Having seen how beneficial biking can be and how effective biking’s killer app – commuting can be I’m now pretty much evangelical about how riding should be a part of everyones life. Many of those that have known me for sometime see me as an inconvenient truth. I’m real proof that commuting by bike is possible, it saves you money, and can revolutionise your health. And I’m walking around the office and staying thin despite hoofing down ever growing quantities of food. As a result the “Cult of Steve” has an ever growing band converts who have seen the light. Members of the cult get a continual stream of encouragement and help.

My highest trophy is a double conversion. This is where I convert both members of the family. I haven’t quite succeeded yet but I’ve got some prospects! My cycling goal is to win the over 80 class in the Mt Coot-tha 100km Challenge although I suspect I’ll be jockeying with other cult members for the win…

Please check out Steve’s Website ~

5 thoughts on “Being Steve ~ “Coach”

  1. As the other Dad, it’s always fascinating where casual conversations lead! I’m still on the same bike I had then and I’ve lost count of how many Steve has now.

    Unfortunately I’m not a commuter at present as the distance has got too large. Cycling is still happening regularly though.

    If you think it is too busy and are looking for secret bike paths around you then tick the “bicycling” option now available in google maps or head over to and search your city name, you may be surprised how connected your area actually is.

    Regards Brian

  2. That’s awesome Brian! Thank you for the link. For new time bike riders it can be quite overwhelming. Trying to read a map and then apply it on your ride can be quite tricky! Brisbane has come a long way with their cleverly planned bike paths…its so great to see.

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