Being Lars Marshall ~

2012 Santos GLNG Brisbane to the Gold Coast Cycle Challenge

2012 Santos GLNG Brisbane to the Gold Coast Cycle Challenge

I met Lars at coffee after a Lifecycle Wombles ride a little while back. I had seen photographs of him and had chatted to him on Facebook, so I recognised his smiley face when I saw him sitting around the table wearing, what I like to refer to as, the ‘Smurf Kit’ (bright blue and white Lifecycle team kit). The first photograph I had seen of Lars was of him sitting in a big bubbly spa bath with his friend, Andrew, (post O’Reilly’s Challenge). It was the funniest image I had ever seen! His hair was spiky and he had the cheesiest grin on his face…like a little boy who just found the chocolate chip biscuits in the pantry. There was something about this young man that I liked. He has such an enthusiasm for life and for cycling. Always with a smile on his face. He is strong, fit and healthy and enjoys cycling with his friends and the Lifecycle Team. It is such a wonderful sight to see a young man embrace a sport and look after his body. It would be so amazing if all young men thought this way. I asked Lars to share a little bit about himself and his joy of riding his bike.

Here is his story…

I started cycling as a result of joining Southbank Triathlon Club in 2010.

I had a friend who I worked with at NAB called Max who was currently a member there and was training to race in Germany and abroad. He was very inspirational. When I purchased my bike (Giant TCR 2 Advanced 2010) I thought this was an insane amount to spend on a bike! Max would take me riding to Mt Nebo before work once a week. A nice hard introduction to road cycling I must say!

Basically, from here I loved the bike. I instantly began commuting and have been ever since. It’s faster, free and most importantly fun (the 3 F’s). My bike is my transport and I cycle in group rides 5 times a week on average. I have ridden 6,393km since purchasing my bike. My biggest ride was 240km in one day.

Thursday Morning Lifecycle Tour de Redcliffe

Lifecycle O’Reilly’s Challenge 2012

Looking for a faster group to ride with, I found Lifecycle, as that was Max’s and mine meeting spot. Work prevented me to ride with Lifecycle and it wasn’t until May 2012 that I rocked up to a Wednesday morning Coot-tha ride that I met Andrew (which he introduced STRAVA to me that fateful Wednesday morning). Ever since, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a lot of lovely people through cycling & Lifecycle, yourself including, Caroline.

Cycling has had the biggest and most positive effect in my life since moving to Brisbane in 2007. I recommend everyone do it. It’s free, its fun, it’s social, it’s healthy and it’s as competitive as you want to make it.

My lifelong dream is to have a job that allows me to ride everyday and become very competitive and compete professionally.

My greatest memories on my bike would include finishing the Brisbane – Gold Coast 2012 in the lead group with a time over 1hr quicker then when I had ridden it in 2010.
 Riding Lifecycle’s O’Reilly’s Challenge (Lamington National Park Road, Gold Coast Hinterlands Queensland, Australia) in 2012 and…basically…all the Lifecycle Brisbane River Loops and Tour de Redcliffe (TDR’s).

Lars Marshall

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