It’s not just about the ride



Lifecycle Crit Placings

Lifecycle Crit Placings

Woooooooo! A shopping bag!

Woooooooo! A shopping bag!

It’s been a while since my last blog so I thought I’d drop a line to say HEY. Lots has happened! I have spent a lot of time on my bike, riding with the Lifecycle Wombles with every week exploring new roads and making new friends. Recently, I had an amazing ride up to Mt Glorious. It was a tough ride for me. It was 80kms, climbing 2,197 metres. Uphill is something I’m not too hot at! It was well worth the experience and time spent in the saddle with friends is what I enjoyed most.

Recently, I bought myself a Lifecycle Kit, threw it on and got Beauty out onto the Crit! WOW. That was fun! *insert sarcasm icon*

I’ve never been in a race before, let alone a bicycle race. A quick search on the web and a few tips from friends and the next thing I find myself cycling in circles for my life! Ever done something that you have absolutely no idea why you got yourself into it in the first place? I have never competed in anything before. Sport for me was something unheard of. I came from a family of gumby’s! So, here I am. I find myself with my eyes fixed on the wheel in front. Close proximity. Close the gap! Don’t get dropped! These are the catch cry’s that fill my head. Sh*t! What happens if she slows and I end up her ar*se? What happens if I crash? Lap 5. Mmmm. This feeling in my legs…does this stop? Take turns out in front? Okay…does this mean I can control the pace? I’ll go with that theory. I felt mentally nudged by the girl behind me. Maybe shoot that theory. I find myself beginning to panic. I’m sure my heart is about to explode. Where is the ambulance? I think I’m going to cry. I feel the sweat dripping down my face and the sting of sunscreen as it hits my eye’s. When will this ever end? No time to grab my water bottle. Ugh. So thirsty. With each lap the pace increases. Few words are spoken. At one stage I nearly ride off into the grass. Note to self: practice cornering. It’s gaining intensity with each lap. I try to maintain a spot in the middle. I slip behind and I’m suddenly in the back. I feel myself slowing and dropping. This I do not like. I pass the spectators and hear my name being called out. Suddenly something in my head pops. I pick myself up and get back into the group. 3, 2, 1…the flash cards appear. So, at the ring of a bell and a few hundred metres to the line there is an explosion of activity amongst the cyclists. Sprint time BOOM! We all cross the white line. We are done. I slowly pedal back to the start of the track. Heavy breathing. Swearing. “WOOOOOOO” I scream! Our group stop and await the results. My name was called out for Fourth place! I was floored! At that very moment I understood the feeling of victory. It comes deep down inside you and blows you right out of this planet! For the first time ever, I won a placing! We were presented with a bag of goodies by our Club sponsor. Best trophy ever!

You know…a friend told me…the only person you are competing against is yourself. 

The greatest thing about bike riding is exploring new terrain with friends. Going for a pedal finishing with a coffee, boiled eggs with soldiers and post ride chat. Priceless.

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4 thoughts on “It’s not just about the ride

  1. Hi Caro, well done on your first race! I’ve only been riding for six months and it’s all new to me but I am loving it.
    Nice to meet you through the HPRW page x

    • Hi Liz! Thank you! I only purchased my bike in December, so it’s been 7 months for me on a road bike! And I’m the same! I absolutely love the challenges or road racing. HPRW are doing a great job to get women out there and racing! I’m always keen for a ride if you like! Caro 🙂

      • Sounds awesome. I started in August last year on an old clunker, then bought the Questa in December and started “racing” in D grade. I did the Anzac 25 and met one of the other Lifecycle gals, Flo, who is just gorgeous. I would definitely love to go for a ride sometime xx

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