Finding Nemo

IMG_7283One thing I don’t like about getting older is my forgetfulness, my body taking longer to recover, my lack of patience, the effort I have to put in to keeping up…difficulties in parenting…and the added voices in my head!

The last few months I have been working on finding the younger version of me as I know I cannot recover my former self. I’m trying not to sweat on the small things. Out riding one day I met this young 13 year old boy on his mountain bike. He was full of beans and charisma. He showed me a wheelie and told me he washed bikes to pay for his bike bling. It reminded me that we all use to feel that way. Full of self confidence and love for life.

IMG_8809I have to remind myself that some of the simple things can be the most rewarding. Like discovering little tracks that you previously passed and never explored. Drinking coffee at little hidden places!


Riding out the Coach’s Blue Bench, propping up your bike, sitting and eating your banana whilst watching the ships leave the port and the world go by.



I love to ride to Nudgee Beach when I am feeling a little low, and visit #thattree. Some days the tide is out and you can see the whole tree in its splendour. Other days, high tide, the water splashes up against the wall and the tree is hiding its trunk. Washed up jellyfish and shells, swallowed up in mud. (photo cred SouthDog)


One of the biggest self discoveries was made this year in September, when I joined the Westpac Chopper Charity Mountain Bike Ride…Mudgee to Tamworth (approx. 500kms). I discovered an inner strength I did not know existed. I found my ninja. Every day a challenge was set. Every day I took myself out of my comfort zone. I laughed, cried, swore, and listened to all my inner voices trying to mess with me. I activated my “Don’t give a Fuck” button and just rode. I rode away any negative thoughts. I left them under the bushes at Nundle. But I took away some great lessons. Never let the turkeys get you down (Farside). On this ride we learnt of our travelling friend…gone missing. It was difficult to shut this down for the following days. My husband was at home, assisting the Scottish Police with investigations. She was found dead, having fallen from a cliff. Many things came out of this! You don’t know when your time is up! RIP Lynne.


Take what you can get! Stop procrastinating and do the thing! What have you got to lose?


Since that ride, I have checked a few things off from my bucket list. Binna Burra, O’Reilly’s and completion of my first Lifecycle Toowong Orthodontics Women’s Crit Series. I have a passion for HILLS. They make you strong! I have a 75km Buderim9 Challenge 20 December I am training for…I will do this with my brother and two other friends.


Things I know…Don’t expect things to come easy. You need to have the right attitude. No point in comparing yourself with others. They are on their own mission! Don’t judge. Don’t be jealous. The best training is done ALONE. It makes you resiliant. And you need to get dirty. There are days I have sat on the dirt and cried. I have accepted that I am the person that I am for a reason. I have made friendships. Lost friendships. That’s life. And the people who stick are the ones who not only accept you, but themselves.