How I stepped out of my comfort zone

“Thank you for your application for the recently advertised position of Graphic Designer. Unfortunately on this occasion your application was not successful. We wish you all the best with your future career.”

Losing two friends and my job has mean’t losing a little bit of the ‘lion’ out of Carolion. Job searching has a tendency to bring you down and bring out a lot of self doubt. I looked at ways to make an income which didn’t require a boss. I set up a custom tee business and a cleaning business. It’s not a desirable income but it is something.


My sister-in-law suggested I apply for the voluntary job advertised by 612ABC for Community Correspondent to help lift my spirits. I hesitated. What on earth would I talk about? She replied: bike riding! The selection process mean’t I needed to sharpen my pencil and put my thinking cap on. The last time I recorded my voice was when I was a teenager and used a tape recorder. I went for a ride, something I do when I need to think…and I found my story out on the bike path to Sandgate! I wrote it, found a recording Ap, recorded it and emailed it to ABC. I made it through to the second round. Last test: 2 stories had to be submitted to the Producer. I made it through!

“Congratulations!  You have been selected to become one of our 2016 Community Correspondents.”



It’s rather uplifting when something great happens. I did not study journalism, but have always been ‘out there’ when it comes to meeting funny and interesting people. I’m not shy and I love people. I love their stories and all the wonderful things that make us unique. Today’s induction at the studio was to prepare me for my new role which will cover stories in the bike riding community. A minimum of 1 story per month, but as many as I can submit. Quite often the submissions are rejected mostly because of the recording, so the important part will be getting this down pat. Upside! My poor sentance structure and bad spelling does not matter! I met the current CCs and it was fantastic to see how enthusiastic they all are, even 3 years down the track. They made some worthwhile suggestions with the emphasis on the importance of being natural, having fun, writing about the things that you are passionate about, and how to interview people and share their stories sucessfully. What is new/unusual/different/interesting/strange/surprising…what’s the focus? Angle? Voices, places, faces, communities, sounds and stories I have found but the ABC team are unfamiliar with. Brisbane has traits, quirks, mysteries and habits begging to be dissected. And people love a good yarn!

We each spent time in the studio recording our promo’s. I stepped into the quiet room, put on the headphones and spoke. It was so much fun! We were guided through gently and it all rolled over very smoothly. The ABC staff were a pleasure to meet and I was super excited that we were encouraged to take as many photos as we liked inside their fancy new building overlooking the Brisbane River at Southbank. I have homework to do! I was encouraged to set up a twitter account. OH DEAR.

So this is my story…of how I stepped out of my comfort zone and I LOVED it! I encourage you to do the same. Take the plunge! What have you got to lose?




4 thoughts on “How I stepped out of my comfort zone

  1. Well done on this achievement Caroline. I am actually looking forward to hearing your stories this year on 612. This could be precisely what Brisbane needs to hear to help normalise bike riding anongst the masses and to inspire more newbies onto bikes.
    I can’t think of anyone better to represent cycling in the South East tbh. Good luck with it all.

    • Thank you SCA. I hope that I do a good job of representing every day cyclists and cover a nice range of stories from the young and old! The training sessions with the ABC have been fantastic and each fortnight I look forward to spending time in the studio with other CCs to nut out future interviews and story angles and recording techniques. Stay tuned to 612ABC!

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