New Shoes


Since being asked to leave my last job (2nd worse experience of my career…and last) I’ve never been happier. I am now a Fine Artist and making an income. I don’t have a boss. I enjoy every day of the week, not just the weekends. Mondays are my favourite day of the week. I’ve never looked back. I have never doubted my decision and I have no regrets. I will never return to the Advertising industry.

At 50, finding an employer is difficult. Sadly, in a lot of cases, age is a discrimination. Being over qualified is not an advantage. When I decided to take a Gap Year I was pretty nervous as to how I would still get an income and pay two years of private school education, a mortgage and every day living expenses. Its not a decision that one takes lightly. I had to do whatever jobs came to me. It meant getting dirty. But, I did it and I am still doing it. Some days my body hates me. Its about survival and my parents taught me these skills.

Friends send me links to Graphic Design positions. I often wonder, do they think what I currently do isn’t ideal and that returning to my original profession seems the most logical thing? I always thought that once you had a profession that was that. To change it was something only the strong could do. It never occurred to me that I could be that stronger person. Until now.

Taking up Sculpture again was exactly like taking up bike riding. I jumped on and rode away. Lots of mistakes were made, through every piece a lesson learnt. I have now reached the most critical part of my ride, finding a style that expresses who I am. Creating a visual isn’t easy. Its something that you can’t simply pull off. I can’t download if from my head into an Sculpture Creating App. Its not like an advertising brief when you know what your client’s target is. It works or it doesn’t. I have had many pieces smashed down and rebuilt. I’ve had cracks and failures. Failure is a vital part of progression and growth. Research, drawing, visiting galleries, finding like minded artists and learning from others is an essential part of forming the relationship between myself and a block of wet dirt. In the early mornings, when I run a wire through a piece of clay, “Swoosh!” my skin tingles. The gritty sensation on my finger tips sends messages to my brain. Searching for the answer to turning a shapeless form into something of beauty, of character, a representation of a single thought in three dimension that provokes and moves. As I work the clay I wonder…where is this coming from? Me? It’s the craziest feeling, and looking at my work at the end of the day I think to myself…is this really me?

Its a long way from where I need to be. I have all the knowledge and tools that I need for the next phase, luckily my background provides the answers and solutions to being a successful fine artist. Patience is my weakness, perseverance is my strength. Knowledge is a work in progress.

I recently read an article from an Influencer. He built his life from nothing and from his experiences he shares his successes. His life is simple and realistic. Possessions aren’t important. I relate to him in many ways. I believe that if you really want it, then you can get it, even if you don’t have any support, its possible. Working a job that you despise for the rest of you life is not living!

Dreams do become a reality. With hard work and a lot of sacrifice, and doing the things you’ve never imagined yourself doing, you can take it. The only person stopping you is yourself. Go get it.